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Case studies, examples, and testimonials have been shared freely without compensation. Results may vary and no specific outcome is guaranteed. Due to the constantly changing nature of social media algorithms, platforms, and policies, what has worked in the past, may no longer work in the future, so having flexibility and patience around platform updates is kindly requested.


There are no refunds. Once a client agrees upon a package, they are contractually agreeing to pay the full amount.  For websites and strategy packages, half the payment is due upfront and half is due after the website/ strategy has been delivered to the client.  On occasion, hourly rates for projects may be applicable. If hourly is the case, payment is requested within two weeks of receipt of each invoice. If payment is a month late, work will pause until the last invoice has been paid. Thank you for valuing my time and efforts.


  For Social Media Management, the first month is due upfront before work begins. If payments fall a month behind there will be a warning. If payment has not been received 2 months behind schedule, all work (scheduled posts, content creation, meetings, etc) will be stopped and remaining assets withheld until full payment has been received plus a $50 late fee. Either party can provide 30 days notice of cancellation. 


Payments are collected through PayPal. If you'd like to set up another payment method, please let me know.  Once we agree upon the package, payment must be paid before work begins (unless we are working on a website, then half is paid upfront and half upon delivery of agreed upon deliverables).


I always greatly appreciate when clients refer their colleagues, friends, family members to me!  As a way of saying thank you for this, I've decided to experiment with a thank you gift of 10% of the first payment of the package that your referred friend purchases. For example, if your friend that you sent my way ends up signing a contract with me for the Silver Management plan, you would receive $100.  If they purchase a Platinum plan, you would receive $200. This option is currently only available for trusted clients (current or past) who email me about a person they would like to refer my way.  Please email me if you are interested in this.


On a closing note, I want to be sure you know I have several chronic illnesses. For the most part, I'm able to manage them well with no hindrance to clients, however, I do have flareups from time to time that keep me bed bound for a few days. This is why it is important to me to have things planned out ahead of time and why I have systems in place so that if a day or two is spent in bed, your posting schedule remains the same.  Sometimes I am a little slower to reply to emails. I greatly appreciate your understanding.

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