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SMM Packages
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Monthly Social Media Management

Your social media accounts are in good hands. If I choose to work with you, I believe in your work, so let's create magic together!

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Prices may vary depending on size of audience, needs and desired outcomes.

Please contact for more info.

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A few words from clients

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Phases of Social Media Management

If you are interested in working with me, please fill out the Interest Form below.  Then we will schedule a call together to explore if we might be a fit. Once we decide if it is a good fit for both of us, what package we will implement, and how we will move forward, we will begin phase 1 as outlined below. 

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And Introducing...

Social Media Academy


Radiance Marketing Academy is an exclusive client educational portal full of resources, trainings, worksheets, checklists, videos, and educational materials. There is an e-book on live streaming, a growth checklist, an engagement worksheet, a training on how to work the algorithm, a resource guide on how to rock your stories, a workbook on translating your magic into online content, and even a guided meditation to help you bring your radiance online.

Radiance Marketing Academy is included with the monthly management packages.

Social Media Management Academy
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Catherine, this workbook is so so excellent. I just went through and wrote and wrote.

Your style of invitation, your language, and the beauty of how you crafted this is palpable. Plus so so practical. You are on your way to being an industry leader in radiance marketing. Hooray!! ~ Current Radiance Marketing LLC Client

Interest Form
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Want to work together?


Wonderful! I greatly look forward to hearing from you!


Please fill out this form to the best of your ability. Once I receive it, I will review how I can best support you. I look forward to helping you bring your radiance online!

Let's bring your radiance online!

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