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Image by Scott Ruzzene

Client Results

Caroline CS

Caroline's Art

Radiance Marketing LLC has been supporting Caroline's artwork business since 2010. Here are a few highlights to get a sense of our work together.

Instagram Management

RM Mom before and after IG.png
  • Increased her IG Engagement Rate to an average of 11% (industry average is 1-3%)

  • Created an online course for her that we sold out in less than a week just through her social media (we didn't even need to email her list!)

  • Created a 5-day automated email sequence Lead Magnet that increased her list by hundreds in a few months without ads

  • Setup her online shop and ran several successful virtual sales


Engagement Example

Example Post:

  • This post had an engagement rate of 16.46%

  • It got us 29 new targeted followers, many of whom signed up for our list the coming week and then purchased sculptures

  • 7,770 accounts were reached (when we only had 3000 followers)

  • 6,545 people found us through our targeted niche hashtags



Mom website mockup.png

E-Book Creation

Creativity Heals ebook mockup.png

Love Birds Campaign

Love Birds collage mom.jpg
Love Birds Book Mockup.png

We designed a user-generated content campaign to promote Caroline's work, grow her following, and increase engagement. We did a contest for Valentine's Day that turned into a movement, a book, and a really fun way of building community that people still talk about 10 years later.

RM Sparkle circles.png
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