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Instagram VIP Weekend


You are an expert in your field.


Your body of work has deep medicine that the world needs.


You are here to help ease people’s suffering and make this world a more beautiful place.

But . . . 


You don’t have a social media presence (or it’s not thriving).


You find it hard to keep up with constant content production, often get confused about what to do next, and wish you had better systems and strategies to make it all easier.


You long for your your magic and message to reach more people who need it and who love and adore what you have to share, but you're struggling with how to make that happen.


Hi, I’m Catherine, and I’m here to help!


My VIP Weekends are a luxury experience for those who want to save time and walk away with an Instagram marketing strategy in a weekend.


It is my intention that at the end of our weekend together, you will feel aligned and ready to bring your radiance online!


At the end of our time together, you will walk away feeling clear, confident, and capable,


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A Master Plan Dashboard


A central dashboard to keep you organized with...

  • A one year high level content calendar mapping out launches, campaigns, events
  • Content Buckets or themed days so you don’t have to question what to do next

  • Ultra niche hashtag library ready to implement

  • KPI charts to monitor progress

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Implementation Support


Let's get you set up to implement!

  • Personalized task list to implement what we covered (delivered a week after our time together, once I've reviewed everything we covered)

  • Half hour accountability phone call 30 days after our weekend to update me on your progress and review next steps

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A Strategy Document


A document full of...

  • An audit and analysis of what’s working and what could be improved with what you're currently doing

  • Review of trends in your industry and ways you can position yourself

  • Lots of creative ideas to help you reach your goals

Copy of RM Radiance Academy Mockup.png

Radiance Marketing Academy


3 Months Access


Radiance Marketing Academy is an exclusive client educational portal full of resources, trainings, worksheets, checklists, and videos, including:

  • Launch with Luster (the same process that helped one of my clients achieve a $60,700 launch!)
  • Live Streaming Guide
  • Growth Checklist and Engagement Worksheet
  • Training on how to work the algorithm
  • Stories Guide
  • Workbook on translating your magic into content
  • Guided meditations to help you bring your radiance online
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Hone in on Your Medicine

Once we are clear if we are a fit, you will receive your agreement, invoice, and pre-work assignments. Your pre-work involves an extensive look at your business goals, mission, and medicine. The pre-work questionnaire is due 10 days prior to our meeting. We will then have a phone call to clarify the questionnaire and our goals for the weekend.


Day 1

Turn Your Magic Into Content

We will spend a focused 3 hours together rooting into the unique magic and medicine that you bring to the world and explore how we can translate that into content that will serve your community. We will follow an agenda for our time together catered to your specific goals, leaving some space for inspiration to arise in the places in between.


Day 2

Implementation Strategy

For our second day together, in our 90 minute call we will clarify anything from Day 1, then take the strategy from Day 1 and create an implementation plan that feels clear and doable for your lifestyle so you feel excited and prepared to take action.



Follow-Up Support

After 30 days there will be an optional follow-up half-hour accountability call to check in on how things are going. You will also have access to Radiance Marketing Academy for implementation support.


"If you haven't chosen your favorite marketing person...

I would put up 5 thumbs!"

~ Annie Brook,

Radiance Marketing LLC Client

How it Works

Apply Today For Your

1:1 Instagram VIP Weekend

$2,500 investment with a 50% deposit to secure your date

Please contact below if you are interested

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