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Client Portfolio


Sampling of Clients - Past & Present

I have been supporting people with their social media marketing for over a decade.  During that time I have been blessed to work with some truly exceptional peace movements, nonprofits, artists, musicians, thought leaders, and educators.  Below is a small taste of some of them.


Each client is unique, with their own vision, offerings, and digital marketing needs.  I've helped the list of clients below with many different things, such as social media strategy, social media management, user-generated content campaigns, ebook creation, website creation, book launches, online course launches, global peace campaigns, branding, etc.

If you are interested in working together, I'd love to share more of the specific details of the campaigns that I've designed and the many lessons I've learned, so that together we can brainstorm creative solutions for meeting your unique goals and visions. 



BeThePeace is an annual global synchronized peace event, campaign and movement that I co-founded. I grew our FB page from scratch to 14k+ followers just using it one month a year. We were able to organize tens of thousands of people around the world, run beautiful user-generated campaigns, and create real change in the world.



For about 7 years I was one of the community managers for UNIFY and helped organized many dozens of global campaigns that reached hundreds of millions, raised tens of thousands for important causes, broke world records, and gained over 1.7M Facebook followers.

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Caroline Douglas Art

I started managing and designing Caroline's social media, newsletters, website and ebooks in 2010. Over that time, we've run many campaigns, launches, online sales, & a user-generated content campaign called 'Love Birds,' that over a dozen years later, people are still talking about!

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Alison Dearborn

I designed Alison Dearborn's website for her therapy offerings.


View her site here.

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Earth Treasure Vase

I am supporting the Gaia Mandala Global Healing Community with social media management. We are currently preparing for a book launch as well as running our monthly social media management.


Evolutionary Leaders

Evolutionary Leaders is a group of some of the great luminary teachers of our time. They approached me for an audit and strategy session and we worked together to create a more coherent narrative and social presence. 


The Brook Institute

I manage Dr Annie Brook's social channels, and love turning her teachings into simple digestible content. Together we have run several sales, book launches, funnels, online course launches, and regular daily management. Read her case study here.


Johanna Alper

I am managing Johanna's Instagram account, designing her social media marketing strategy, training and managing her VAs, and helping her launch her Medicine Buddha Coaching programs.


Peter Russell

Peter Russell (the brilliant teacher, author, and meditation practitioner) and I worked together on his social media strategy, management, and the launch of his meditation course.

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Brain & Behavior Clinic

I designed and created Dr Ilene Naomi Rusk's website, set up her Lead Magnet automated sequence, edited and produced her guided meditations, and set up her blog. You can see her site here.


Gaiafield Project

I worked with Gaiafield Project for many years, supporting them with several Facebook Pages, many different campaigns, a large book launch, managing the backend of their private community, editing their audios, etc.


Golden Bridge 

I helped Melissa Michaels and the Golden Bridge, SomaSource, and Surfing the Creative teams get set up, educated, and running on several social media channels so they could bring their global community together online. 


Summer of Peace

It was such a joy to support the Shift Network's Summer of Peace campaign, create a Facebook Engagement ebook, live tweet the summits, create quote pic graphics from the speakers, and even engage with Gandhi's grandson on Twitter! 

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Happiness Alliance

I sat on the board of directors of The Happiness Alliance and helped with social media strategy.

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The PeaceRipples Institute

I founded The PeaceRipples Institute over ten years ago.  Over the years I've created several websites, online courses, e-books, videos, campaigns, and programs. 

What it's like to work together...

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