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Radiance Marketing LLC

The World Needs Your Message



Are you...


A thought leader, educator, therapist, artist, or peace worker 

with a message that the world needs?

Do you long to build an online presence and community around your work, but don't know the first thing about social media, and frankly, you'd rather focus on what you do best instead of spending all that time trying to wrap your head around the ever-changing social media landscape?


Welcome. You are in the right place.

I am here to help build a community around your message,

help your medicine reach those who need it,

and help your magic create greater ripples in the world.




Hi. I'm Catherine. I am deeply passionate about creating a more beautiful world for all beings. It is my honor to help market the messages that the world most needs during this critical time on our planet. 


Whether it has been the joy of being a part of the team that grew UNIFY to over a million followers on Facebook, managing the social media for BeThePeace that helped organize tens of thousands of people around the world in the name of peace, coordinating book launches, or helping translate the messages of community organizers, authors, artists, healers, neuroscientists, and teachers to online audiences, I have been fortunate to support some truly phenomenal work.


I fell into social media management unintentionally over a decade ago.  People kept asking me to run their pages, launches, and campaigns.  As clients appreciated the work, referrals grew. I kept my offerings relatively quiet during those years; I am feeling, however, the pressing need for more hopeful, helpful, and uplifting messages to be shared with the world in these times, so I decided to make this website to let you know the ways we can work together. 

I only work with causes, people, and social movements that align with my vision and values for a more joyful, peaceful, healthy, inspiring world. If you feel a resonance, let's connect and see how I can support you to bring your radiance online.


Our 5-Fold Service Model

Radiance Marketing exists to serve...

The Client

Screen Shot 2020-08-17 at 8.55.19 PM.png

Those with

Chronic Illness



By sharing the Client's

Medicine for these times

By bringing your radiance online

By supporting her financially & helping her fulfill her purpose of creating

ripples in the world

The World

By hiring them for extra support. Catherine was bedridden by chronic illness for many years and knows how hard this can be.

By donating & supporting causes, people & platforms close to my heart, primarily the Black community


Mission + Vision

Vision: To live in a world in which each of us contributes our own unique medicine in service to a thriving, just, sustainable world of peace that works for all beings.

Radiance Marketing Mission: To promote the work of visionary teachers, healers, and peace workers in the online world, so that the people who need that medicine can find it, fall in love with it, and spread ripples of peace in the world.


I'd love to hear from you!